3D PRINTER Workshop_Spain

Our students from secondary have attended a workshop about how to use a 3D printer. Following the 4 principles of #computationalthinking, 1st and 2nd grade secondary kids have learnt how to design an object using a 3D app, how to clean and to start the printing process. It has been very entertaining and useful for them, as some of them are really interested in working with computers and digital design, maybe in the future they will become engineers!! Once the workshop finished, we celebrated a contest and the winner got a key ring as prize. Once more, “Skills to catch the future” has proved to be a valuable way of introducing students in the world of technology. And counting with the help of students has been incredibly fantastic, as the students sometimes prefer listening to their peers, for them it is more enjoyable and entertaining as they find explanations held by the older student quite interesting and someway, something different to what it is included in books become more important, above all, if you have time to show, not just tell them how to do it.