Workshop on CompostThanks to the training high school students have received in computational thinking, they were able to pass on their knowledge to their elementary school peers. A few of the ESO students were teachers of students in the second year of primary school. Taking advantage of the fact that environmental care, recycling and the use of organic waste is part of both the secondary and primary school curriculum, the latter received a talk on composting. For this, we had the help of the cook of our center, who kept for us the organic waste generated for a few days. After learning in Turkey both the “ingredients” of a good compost and the necessary percentages for its elaboration, these students, who were very advanced in their knowledge, transmitted it to their counterparts in primary school. Concepts such as reuse, recycling or organic waste were well known by these children, who showed great interest and motivation for the activity, participating very actively in all stages of the process.