A tour around the town of Pescia

The month of June is the right moment to share with families and other students  the project made during the school year. Below are the steps that primary school children have followed to become touristic guides of the centre of their town, Pescia:

1 Exploration and Research

Divide the town into different areas or points of interest (monuments, parks, museums, etc.).

The children, divided into groups, collect information on the various points of interest. This could include history, curiosity, interesting facts, etc.

Identify common themes or similar characteristics between the various points of interest (e.g. historical buildings, public art, nature, etc.).

2 Planning of the Tour

Choose which information is most relevant and interesting to tourists.

Use digital or paper tools to create maps of the tour route.

Establish the best routes for the tour, considering times, distances and points of interest.

3 Execution of the Tour

Before making the actual tours, children can rehearse with their classmates or family members.

Organise days when children drive tours for small groups of schoolmates, parents, or even real tourists.

Using computational thinking to turn children into city tour guides is a creative and innovative idea. This approach not only helps children develop critical thinking skills and problem solving, but also allows them to enhance their communication skills and knowledge of the territory.