Project description „Skills to catch the future”

In the past decade there has been a constant growth of using technology in education. Though, even if students master an acceptable level of digital skills, they lack digitally assisted learning skills due to a lack of efficient learning strategy using digital tools. Mostly, the students’ exposure to digital technology is mainly limited to the use of online games and social networks. To master technology means not only the skill of using different applications but understanding the core of programming and reshaping thinking algorithmically.

SKILLS TO CATCH THE FUTURE aims at equipping students and teachers with computational skills to keep up to the ever-changing technology.

The specific objectives include:

  • developing critical thinking using digital communication techniques;
  • using computational thinking skills in teaching and learning;
  • applying computational thinking skills in individual and group projects;
  • enhancing cooperation skills for all communities involved in the project.

We will use unplugged coding activities, computational algorithms, Scratch and other applications to create educational activities on different school subjects, according to the curriculum, in order to generate strategic mindsets and critical thinking.